Independence Day Craft – Hats for Jarred Cow Fetuses

I have a fun Independence day craft I thought I’d share. If you collect cow fetuses, you know how cute they look with little hats. Well, here’s a cute little hat you can make in minutes!

Things you’ll need

  • A piece of legal size paper folded horizontally
  • Assorted pens and markers
  • Tape

Grab whatever pens you have around the house. I made sure I had red and blue, since this is for Independence Day.

Then, draw a picture. I used red, blue, stars and fireworks to showcase the holiday, plus a man getting his hand blown off by a firecracker as a warning to myself.

Then fold it around, tape it and stick it on your cow fetus’s jar. My cow fetuses are a little camera shy, so I took a picture of a stuffed cow I got at Big Lots for three dollars.


I hope you and your cow fetuses all have a wonderful Fourth of July!