Free Stuff!

Everyone likes free stuff, unless it’s a free STD. Well, this certainly isn’t a free STD.

You can get the ebook, The Life and Times of Car Johnson, for free. It’s like reading this blog, but wilder, sort of like injecting yourself with pure insane fun.

So, go to and enter the code SSWIN to get your free copy.

And since this post needs something more, here’s some pictures of stick people:

4 thoughts on “Free Stuff!

  1. Hey Car, I love free stuff but when I’m driving around weekends looking for free stuff, the only thing I find are signs outside front yards that say FREE DIRT.

  2. Well, Car – keep trying, never give up, good things come to those who wait and all those old cliches. Have you tried your sales pitch to ants or earthworms?

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