Interactive Adventure Through My Life

Do you like those old pick your path adventures you used to read as a child? Well, I created one for everyone to enjoy. There’s no princesses, aliens, or ghosts, but there are cow fetus tea parties and naked fountain bathing.

Interactive Carventure – Where Crazy Hits the Fan

It’s fun, it’s free and it has pictures. What more could you want? Well, you could want the secret to life, but all I have is the secret to Life Cereal and I’m not sharing.

5 thoughts on “Interactive Adventure Through My Life

  1. Hi. Just wanted to say I enjoyed your adventure. Also, that I have an adventure as well! Granite Countertop, Private Eye in Hall of Madness: A Choose Your Own Blog Adventure! Perhaps you might like to go check it out?

  2. The more I hear you read on Book Island and the more I read your blog, the more I’m Impressed by you and your vim, vigor, and vivacity—not to mention the verisimilitude to veracity in the various vertiginous ventures you accomplish!!!

    You, Car, are VERY Cool 🙂

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