New toy idea – My First Autopsy

Kids love to learn things, especially when it’s hands on. Well, I had the idea for the perfect toy idea: My First Autopsy.

I mean, we have toys letting kids pretend to be firefighters, doctors, even cashiers. But nothing for kids who want to be a forensic pathologist. They have to cut open their stuffed toys, which just leads to time outs and trips to a shrink. And what about the children who will never realize their calling because they weren’t exposed to autopsies at a young age?

Well, I have the answer. My First Autopsy will be a mix of pretend play and educational play. Each box will come with a doll, plastic autopsy equipment such as bone shear, forceps and scalpels. It will also come with a table to place the doll on and a scale to measure its cloth organs. The doll will have Velcro flaps on its chest and a screw top head, so the child can spend hours opening it up and checking over the brain and organs for signs of disease.

For older children, My First Autopsy – Deluxe Edition will take it to the next level, with a more realistic doll with actual fluids to drain and soft gooey organs, plus more realistic equipment and an actual cause of death they have to discover.

I think My First Autopsy, regular and deluxe, will make a great edition to any household and keep thousands of stuffed animals from falling victim to curious children and stolen steak knives.


6 thoughts on “New toy idea – My First Autopsy

  1. Well, Car that is really quite a nifty idea for a toy and quite educational too. Was it inspired by one of Mother’s bedtime stories?

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