Queue World – An amusement park about waiting in line

I’ve done a lot of thinking about amusement parks. Most of the time is spent waiting in line for a ride that lasts five minutes at the very most. Time and money is spent on line management to keep things moving and stop any congestion issues. The most common fix is it so people register for the ride beforehand and bypass the line altogether. But I think the lines themselves can be used to make a park that’s not only unique, but costs millions less than the ones with fancy rides filled with state of the art technology.

My idea is Queue World, the first amusement park that’s whole theme is lines. Each line has a different theme, and as soon as you get out of one line, you’ll end up in another, until you’ve walked the entire park and come back to the start.

The first line will have the theme of buying a ticket, which will also be where you buy your actual ticket. Then you’ll walk into a line set up like the DMV, complete with park employees dressed up as bored government workers. After that, the line will turn into a line to see the latest mega concert, with a booth at the end where a young kid tells you they’re all sold out.

The next line will be a bit of sci-fi, where you’re in a post apocalyptic dictatorship waiting to reeducated. Park employees will yell at you while you shuffle forward towards a large building facade that leads to the next line, a cafeteria line where you can buy real food and drink if you so wish, to take with you as you continue forward in line.

Then, you’ll head to a traditional amusement park queue, where you walk towards a fake mock up of an awesome looking roller coaster. Since this is Queue World, you won’t actually go on, but turn towards the next part of your line adventure.

This will be a jungle trek through fake trees, where you get to act like lost tourists trying to find civilization. This will be the longest line, with animal sounds and lurking park workers playing mercenaries, who will periodically shoot at the line with water pistols to keep everyone cool. You’ll come out of the fake tree jungle to the front of the park, with the option of starting again, but this time not actually buying a ticket, or leaving the park.

I think this will revolutionize the whole amusement park enterprise. People say the best part about an event is the suspense leading up to it, so why not cut the event out entirely? And not only will it cut costs, but it will keep people active and fit.

Queue World – Waiting in line was never so much fun.


6 thoughts on “Queue World – An amusement park about waiting in line

  1. Only you could pull this off Car. Actually it’s a great idea. It might be useful for the texters of the world so they could get some walking exercise and fresh air instead of just driving their cars while they text. I wonder if any of Mother’s bedtime stories influence “Queue World”.

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