Ode to Zombies

I decided to write a poem for zombies, those lovable flesh eating corpses.


Ode to Zombies

The sun shone bright on my head.

It didn’t matter that I was dead.

People screamed and ran away.

But all I wanted to do was play.


Zombie tag is quite a thrill.

We shuffle along, going in for the kill.

We take your brain and wolf it down.

Then we all go and party down.


We get drunk and dance ‘til dawn.

And then all crash at Forest Lawn.

Everyone should get on the zombie train.

All it costs is a bit of brain.

Candy and Car Song Palooza

I got my fiance Candy to sing some of my songs for me. She wasn’t too pleased, but I got her whole keg of beer to make up for it.

I hope you like my Candy and Car Song Palooza. The lyrics are enough to make your mind burst with mind burstingly stuff, especially the ones my mother wrote. The one about the stuff in the back of your fridge is a heartbreaking saga of zombies and rifles.