How to tell if you’re wearing pants

I’ve compiled this handy list of clues to tell if you have stepped out of the house in only your boxers.

How to tell if you’re wearing pants

  1. You look down and notice your pants are flesh colored and covered in hair. That’s a good sign that you’re actually looking at your bare legs.
  2. You notice your legs are getting colder than usual. Lack of pants is a common cause of cold legs.
  3. You walk through a thorn bush and your pants don’t get snagged. If you’re not wearing pants, they can’t get snagged.
  4. People look at you oddly. While not always a sign of no pants, it’s always good to check and see if that’s whats causing the looks.
  5. Someone walks up to you and says, “Dude, you have no pants!”

I hope this list will aid you in determining your pants-state.