The Most Romantic Poem in the World

I wrote a poem a while back that I called “The Most Romantic Poem of All Time.” Well, I’ve retitled it “The Most Romantic Poem in the World” and made it into a video.

Music credits:
“Reaching for you” by DreamhoundIX

Ode to Zombies

I decided to write a poem for zombies, those lovable flesh eating corpses.


Ode to Zombies

The sun shone bright on my head.

It didn’t matter that I was dead.

People screamed and ran away.

But all I wanted to do was play.


Zombie tag is quite a thrill.

We shuffle along, going in for the kill.

We take your brain and wolf it down.

Then we all go and party down.


We get drunk and dance ‘til dawn.

And then all crash at Forest Lawn.

Everyone should get on the zombie train.

All it costs is a bit of brain.

An Ode to Breakfast

I’ve decided to write a poem in honor of that beloved first meal of the day, breakfast.


Oh gooey egg, so warm and jiggly

Run over my heart with your yolk

Oh crunchy toast, so buttery and dry

Fill my veins with your crumbs of love

Oh crispy bacon, so greasy and good

Nourish my soul with your liquid lard

Oh cheesy danish, so soft and filling

Elevate my mind with your cloud-like dough

Oh tart OJ, with your cool refreshment

Charge my feet with your Floridan airs

Oh great breakfast, so true and brave

You come to me at morning and exit me at noon.