Petition to change the word boobytrap to tittytrap

 Petition to rename boobytrap to tittytrap

I believe that alliterations are awesome and that is enough of a reason for changing the word boobytrap to tittytrap. Really, do you need a bunch of reasons to be able to say tittytrap in public?

Sign the petition here:

Show your support for cow fetus collecting

I wish more people would collect cow fetuses. They’re the perfect pets, forever preserved in their little jars, always ready to listen and never ready to judge, even if they smell of formaldehyde and look like something out of a mad scientist’s lab. If you look past all that, you can see their playful nature, or at least the playful nature they would have if they weren’t stuck in a jar. It just takes a bit of imagination.

So, I’ve made a petition to spread the word about cow fetus collecting and allow people to show their support.

So please, sign my petition and let the world know that you stand with cow fetus collecting. And if you haven’t become a collector yet, please consider it. Cow fetuses are great friends and will be preserved forever, never to grow old or run away or sneak off to join the circus.