Love Poem For My Girlfriend

Here’s a love poem I wrote for my girlfriend, Candy.


Candy, I’m your man

We’re two peas in a pea and marshmallow sandwich

You’re the duffel to my bag

The open to my sesame

The ear to my wig

I’ll always be here for you

Like a barnacle on a whale

You’re my whale baby

Blow your spout for me

Poem for My Mother

I wrote a poem for my mother today. It’s heartfelt and I hope she likes it.

It took me three hours to draw Mother
My mother


You’re like no other.

If you were a man, I’d want you for a brother.

If you were a beer, I’d want another.

If you were a wind, you’d be a souther.

If you were a pillow, you would smother.

If you were a choice, I’d say “I’d druther.”