It’s Twist Tie Appreciation Day!

It’s finally here! Twist Tie Appreciation Day, where we honor those hardworking little bits of metal and plastic that keep your bread fresh and your stereo wires all in one place. So, today’s post will be a collection of things I did today to celebrate the twist tie.



Twist tie bracelets These are fun and easy to make. All you have to do is take a few twist ties and wind them together to make one long twist tie you can wrap around your wrist. Whenever you wear it, you’ll show the world just how much you appreciate twist ties.

Twist tie hors d’oeuvre I placed little cheddar cheese squares and mini meatballs on a plate and stuck them with twist ties instead of toothpicks. It really went over with my friends and families, especially when my mother curved the twist ties and made herself a pair of meatball earrings.

Twist tie horseshoes How can you make a game of horseshoes better? By weaving a bunch of twist ties into a giant horseshoe shape and using that instead.

Twist tie sculptures Twist ties can become a lot of things, including birds, spaceships and the entire cast of West Side Story. Unfortunately, all I was able to do was make things that looked like a mass collection of twist ties.

Twist tie dancing I invented a dance for Twist Tie Appreciation Day, called the twist tie. All you do is writhe around, while tossing bags of bread into the air. It looks a lot more graceful than it sounds.

All in all, Twist Tie Appreciation day was everything you’d expect in a day created to honor twist ties, plus so much more. I hope your Twist Tie Appreciation Day was twistacular!