Five Unique Vacation Ideas

Have you ever wanted a special vacation, something where you wouldn’t have to fight crowds just to see or do something that everyone and their mother had already seen? Well, I’ve decided to make a list of five unique vacation ideas. With these, you can stand tall with the knowledge that your vacation truly was special.


Join a cult:

For this to work, you need to join a cult that requires its members to live in an isolated house or commune. Consider this as your bed and breakfast. What’s a better vacation from the world than completely isolating yourself from it? Plus, you’ll get to wear a robe and practice your chanting. Just make sure to leave the cult before they offer you any kool-ade.


Visit a garbage dump:

Garbage dumps get a bad rap. You can find all sorts of fun things and the flocks of seagulls makes it feel like a beach. Bring a sleeping bag and carve out a trash den, then spend your time looking around for hidden treasure and mafia body dumps. The authorities might not approve of your vacation lodgings, but since you put all that effort into creating the garbage, you should be able to reap the rewards!


Visit someone else’s family:

Lots of people can claim that they visit their family over the holidays, but not many can claim they visit someone else’s family. The trick is convincing the family that you are a distant relative. Travel to a city, find a random home and announce that you’re cousin Joe’s second cousin. Every family has a cousin Joe. Then you can take part in all the family bonding with none of the drama of your own screwed up family. There might be a risk of them realizing you aren’t actually related, but that just adds to the adventure.


Get injured:

Most people would never even think of purposely injuring themselves to spend their vacation in the hospital, but you’re not most people. Hospitals are like hotels, just with poorer quality food. You can meet interesting people and have plenty of time to just lie back and contemplate the world. If you plan your injury carefully, your medical bill will come out to the same as a nice hotel room and airfare. Just make sure not to do anything that will cause permanent damage. That’s one vacation souvenir you don’t want.


Get abducted by aliens:

A UFO is the perfect unique vacation. Most abductees don’t see their experience as a vacation, but there’s nothing more exciting than soaring through outer space, surrounded by unimaginable technology. Sure, you’ll get an anal probe or two, but that’s a small price to be able to see Saturn up close and chat about Star Trek with people who live it every day. You’ll have to convince them not to wipe your memory afterward, or it won’t be much of a vacation. All you have to do is promise to promote alien abduction on your blog.