Review of a Movie That Doesn’t Exist – BOOM!

Here’s another review of a movie that doesn’t exist.


Title: BOOM!

Genre: Action

Cast: None


BOOM! is an exciting new direction for the tired old action movie. They’ve cut out all the extra flush and just left the essence of action behind. No corny dialogue, no boring acrobatic stunts, no cliche plot about missing missiles or kidnapped heiresses. In fact, there aren’t even any people in BOOM!

The movie is just explosions, one right after another, filled with flying debris that make the best use of 3D technology. Buildings, mailboxes, old soup cans… Nothing is sacred in BOOM! If you ever wanted to see just how many explosions they could fit into one two hour movie, BOOM! is for you. I tried counting, but stopped after 57, which was just fifteen minutes into the film.

BOOM! won’t disappoint, but the explosions do tend to get a little repetitive after the hour mark. Since this isn’t a real movie, you’re going to have to film a bunch of demolition sites and high school science experiments and watch them back to back to get a feel for the awesomeness of BOOM!