Ode to Zombies – The song

I wrote a poem a while back (https://carjohnsonrocks.wordpress.com/2012/07/15/ode-to-zombies) and have decided to ask my fiancée Candy to sing it as a song.

Ode to Zombies

The sun shone bright on my head.

It didn’t matter that I was dead.

People screamed and ran away.

But all I wanted to do was play.

Zombie tag is quite a thrill.

We shuffle along, going in for the kill.

We take your brain and wolf it down.

Then we party just outside of town.

We get drunk and dance ‘til dawn.

And then all crash at Forest Lawn.

Everyone should get on the zombie train.

All it costs is a bit of brain.

4 thoughts on “Ode to Zombies – The song

  1. That was wonderful Car. I’m glad Candy sang this time. I hope she picks up a recar-ding Car-ntract from Zombie label.

    • Candy is trying to get a contract to sing the jingles of a local kitty litter company. Well, it’s not a company so much as my cousin’s attempt to sell recycled kitty litter from his front porch.

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