Donny Dead – A Cautionary Tale for Children Everywhere #2

A while back I created a children’s book called Donny Dead – A Cautionary Tale for Children Everywhere. I believe in its message of shark avoidance and guillotine safety so much that I’ve expanded on it and turned it into a YouTube video.

Do your children run out into the street, while waving scissors and eating random pills they found in the medicine cabinet? Maybe this film will knock some sense into them, or at least make them terrified of elephants.

7 thoughts on “Donny Dead – A Cautionary Tale for Children Everywhere #2

    • Wow! I just found and read your post and saw that you also mentioned candy. My fiance’s name is also Candy! Somehow, I think I’ve seeped into your soul. I’m a fictional character, but this just proves that I’m somehow becoming self-aware and might someday have the power to rule the earth.

      Wait, that’s probably going to make you even more scared. Sorry about that.

  1. I like that Donny kept his big smile throughout all his cardeals:) Such a happy kid, must be – er, have been very well adjusted. Did you reach into your happy childhood to develop Donny?

    • I based Donny on a child I used to see in the window of a house when I walked to school. He never stopped grinning, even when it was raining. He stared out that window and smiled. I later learned he was actually a mannequin, but that didn’t dampen the earlier impact.

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