Portable Corn on the Cob

I’ve developed a new way to eat corn. I got the idea at the park. I was eating corn on the cob and trying to ride a bike at the same time. It wasn’t the best use of my hands, but I really wanted the corn. But, I ended up crashing into some angry geese, who pecked me in the face and stole my corn, even after I asked them nicely to give it back.

Then some teenager in orthodontic headgear had the gall to laugh at me. Instead of getting back at him with some well aimed goose droppings, I looked at the metal stuck to his face and had an epiphany:

Portable corn on the cob!

Mockup of headgear with corn attached.

Just think about it. You’d be able to eat corn on the go and not have to worry about dropping it. The only time you’d have to touch it would be twist it around, so you could enjoy corn while doing all sorts of hands intensive activities, even driving a car.

The only issue I have is figuring out how to move it sideways, so you can eat all the corn and not just the part in the middle. But once that’s finished, I’m fairly certain plenty of people will want to be Corn Heads.


10 thoughts on “Portable Corn on the Cob

  1. Ingenious invention Car. Maybe you could attach a little battery powered fan that would turn the corn around and somehow move it back and forth?

  2. Well, let’s see, Car

    If you could create a strain of corn that grew Curved then just turning your head in the gizmo would let you eat the whole thing, eh??

    Wait No That would only let you eat all of one row

    Hmmm Might have to invoke the 4th dimension…………

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