Directional Rights – Moving Forward

“There comes a time in every man’s life when he has to stand up for what’s right.”

I’ve heard that so often, but it seems a little sad. We stand up for what’s right, but not what’s left or what’s backwards, or what’s upside down. Why should one direction be put above all others? If behind ended up being bullied by front and center, I bet it would want us to stand up for it. And what happens if right’s the one doing the bullying? Should it get a free pass to torment inside for being a hermit?

I say we stand up for whatever direction needs our protection, no matter if it’s forwards, backwards, side or front. We’ve spent too long only standing up for right, that I feel we’ve lost the actual meaning behind directional heroics. It isn’t about backing front or turning back around anymore. We’ve just going through the paces, circling around until we don’t know our behind from our ahead.

And we’ve put right up on a pedestal, like some sort of celebrity. Right is put in a position no other direction can ever achieve. There’s the right way to do things, might is right, giving people the right away… This list goes on and on. And it isn’t just directions that are affected by right’s magical status. Just look at poor wrong. It can’t ever catch a break, because even if it tries to break the confines of society, we tell it that “two wrongs don’t make a right,” essentially crushing its dreams and informing it we will never see it as anything even remotely compared to the mighty right.

Now’s the time to stop this right worship and give other directions the privileges and respect they deserve. So, go out there and let left, back, forward and all the others know that you love them, need them and will do whatever you can to make sure they can live their lives without fear of the directionally challenged. The change in direction starts with you.


7 thoughts on “Directional Rights – Moving Forward

  1. Car, you’re absolutely left on this issue.

    Why do folks think they can always be behind?

    When will they get it through their heads that being in front isn’t any better than being left or behind.

    Right behind this travesty is the corruption of inside-in and bottomographic…

  2. Car, this is brilliant and my poor head is spinning in circles starting with the right, or is it the left or inside….Heeeellllppp!

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