Surreality Television – When Reality TV Just Doesn’t Cut it

Are you tired of reality television? Do you want something more? Well, take heart TV viewers of the world. Surreality Television is here! Take a look at the new fall lineup and prepare to question your conscious mind!


Salvador Dali Island –

A Survivor style show where contestants must work together on difficult time based trials, with the added stressor of trying to read clocks that have a tendency to melt.


Being Max Ernst’s Art –

A competition where seven people pretend to be one of Max Ernst’s paintings. They are voted on by their ability to hang from a gallery wall and look suitably odd and textured.


My Dinner with André Breton –

Follows the life of a woman preparing a special dinner of Young Cherry Trees Secured Against Hares for the ghost of the founder of the surrealist movement. The woman has yet to be determined.


6 thoughts on “Surreality Television – When Reality TV Just Doesn’t Cut it

  1. Perfect answer Car – I wondered how you would handle that one (so as not to make myself look completely stupid – guess I haven’t been keeping up with the obits lately)

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