New toy idea – Bureaucratic Action Figures

Children love to play with superheroes, but what about the heroes of government red tape? Is there anything more exciting than a person holding a form? Well yes, lots, but that doesn’t mean that my new line of bureaucratic action figures won’t be a big hit.

Bureaucratic Action Figures

DMV Darla

Darla has rolling eye action and formfu grip, as she hands you yet another paper to fill out to register your car. Feel the thrill of waiting on endless hordes of irritated drivers and the power of making them wait for “just another ten minutes.”


Ian comes with a stack of forms and glazed eyes, as he reviews tax returns and dreams of sitting on a beach in Rio. If you find sorting through forms, line after line, more fun than a state fair, then Ian’s the toy for you.

Post Office Pete

Pete comes with a bag of letters and a passport. Either stick him in the Post Office Fun Set and have him prepare customers for their trips to exotic places like Canada, or have him go around to your other action figures and use his slowfu grip to eventually give them their mail. Pete’s more fun than a barrel of three toed sloths.

Census Taker Caroline

Caroline comes with a clipboard, a list, and a door to slam in her face after being mistaken for a solicitor. Your imagination will soar with Caroline, if imagining yourself out in the heat and talking to strangers is the best you can come up with.


Bureaucratic Action Figures may lead to an irresistible desire to itemize all your toys and stand in one place for hours at a time.

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