Valentine’s Day Eve

Today’s Valentine’s Day Eve, the day where you remember all the horrible things romance can bring and purge the bile from your soul, to prepare yourself for the hearts and candy of Valentine’s Day.

Today is the day to remember the heart breakers, the stalkers, the blind dates and the humiliations. Today is the day to gather all that reminds you of the one that not only got away, but stomped your heart into paste and burn them in a bonfire fueled by red paper hearts. Today is the day to head to a bar and make out with as many people as you can, drowning your loneliness in a sea of booze and flesh. Today is the day to curl up in a corner and sob at your loss of freedom, while weaving red ribbons into the chains you will be forced to wear for the rest of your miserable life, while your friends drown their loneliness in a sea of booze and flesh.

So, crush a rose, smash a box of chocolates, have a one night stand with a complete stranger. Then, get a good night’s rest and wake up, ready to deal with Valentine’s Day with a brave face and lack of tears.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Eve

    • Happy Valentine’s Day Eve to you and thank you for realizing that romance needs to be properly lanced and drained periodically to make sure that it lasts a nice long time without causing an infection.

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