Dyed Doggies – The Next Stage in Pet Fashion

I know plenty of people who want their dogs to be fashion plates, to showcase their own stylish ways. But dog sweaters and designer breeds are just so yesterday. Why not take it to the next level?

Introducing Dyed Doggies!

A mock up of a dog with a polka dot dye job.

Never again will you have to live with the boring coat that nature decided to give your dog. No longer will you stare wistfully at Rover’s fur and wish it was orange or the colors of your favorite sports team.

Now, anytime someone looks at your dog, they will not see a dog, but a testament to your sophistication and individuality. Your pet will be a billboard to your mind, a way to reach out and show the world just who you are.

Dyed Doggy Salons are coming soon, so be on the look out for one in your neighborhood. You could attempt to dye your dog at home, but then it would be a trendy Dyed Doggy, just a mutt with food coloring smeared all over it.

Have any questions, concerns or ideas for dye patterns? Put them in the comments below and a Dyed Doggy representative will reply. Well, I’ll reply, since Dyed Doggy currently consists of me and a box of non-toxic hair dye.


4 thoughts on “Dyed Doggies – The Next Stage in Pet Fashion

  1. Car, that’s my dog you dyed. I found when I gave him a bath tonight, the red polka dots washed right out. Was it supposed to?

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