Twist Tie Appreciation Day

There’s something important I’d like to tell you about:

Twist Tie Appreciation Day

February 18th is Twist Tie Appreciation Day, where people all over the world give this appreciation for that wonderful invention, the twist tie. Twist ties hold your bags together, hold miscellaneous wires and keep plastic action figures from falling out of their boxes.

What would the world be without twist ties? A sadder world, that’s what. Twist ties remind us to hold ourselves together and firmly grasp what’s important in our lives. They teach us how closing the bag of our hearts sometimes means we have twist ourselves around and if we aren’t careful, our sharp edges can prick unsuspecting fingers.

So, this coming Twist Tie Appreciation Day, gather all your twist ties and have a Twistfestival. Twist them into bracelets and figurines of past German singers. Use them as extremely flexible toothpicks for cheese squares. Bake a giant twist tie cake for everyone to eat after the twist tie scavenger hunt. Above all, be creative and have fun. Twist ties deserve it.


8 thoughts on “Twist Tie Appreciation Day

  1. This is very timely for me Car. I was hunting for a Twist Tie this very morning to tie my bread bag because the little plastic thing had broken. The only Twist Tie I could find was an old used one which still had some good Twist Tie use in it. I didn’t know you were a philosopher at heart. I’m sure your tender heart toward Twist Ties must have been influenced by some of Mother’s bedtime stories.

  2. PS, I really like the Twist Tie heart you made from the silver and gold Twist Ties – that sure got to the heart of the Twist Ties.

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