Review of a Movie that Doesn’t Exist – Music for Muriel

I’ve decided that my blog needs reviews, since so many people like hearing about the media opinions of others. But I get bored really easily talking about real movies, so I thought I’d do this in the flavor of my interviews with inanimate objects. So, here’s my first ever review of a movie that doesn’t exist.

Music for Muriel




Muriel: Paris Hilton

Abner:Hugh Laurie

Greg: Adam Sandler

Music for Muriel is a dramatic family drama with a sci-fi twist. Muriel, played exceptionally well by Paris Hilton, is a bored housewife who spends her time daydreaming about swans, while her husband Abner, a British used car salesman, ignores her in favor of his prized velvet Elvis collection.

Muriel meets her new neighbor Greg, a hard partying alien sociologist undercover as a nightclub owner, who came to Earth to study the mating habits of drunken frat boys. A friendship develops, innocent at first, but it quickly heats up when Muriel discovers Greg’s true identity and informs him of her fetish for foreign men. The line, “I thought Abner was foreign enough for me, but then I met you,” pretty much sums up their relationship.

The movie is touching, yet at the same time has an explosion of action and special effects. It’s like The Bridges of Madison County meets 2001: A Space Odyssey. Muriel and Greg stumble onto a giant obelisk in the dessert from an alien race advertising their soon to come to Earth floating mega-mall and Greg’s wrist computer pulls a HAL 9000 when Greg dumps it in favor of asking Muriel to leave Abner and join him in the farthest reaches of the universe.

The only issue I had is with Abner. His character is never really developed and seems to just be an oblivious husband cliche, right down to his constant attention of his velvet paintings, even when Muriel stands in front of him in a snake skin nighty, holding a pair of handcuffs and a jar of marmalade. The tension of her building relationship with Greg just didn’t feel real when it seemed like Abner would notice his house exploding before he noticed his wife leaving him for an alien Don Juan. Actually, in the scene where his house did explode, he barely noticed it at all and continued brushing his paintings like a scene from a bad comedy.

All in all I give Music for Muriel four and a half imaginary stars out of five. I highly recommend it for all those people who like their romantic relationship dramas with explosions and jealous wrist computers. Since it doesn’t actually exist, you’ll have to put two television sets next to each other and watch The Lifetime network and The Syfy network at the same time, while pretending you’re watching one film.

6 thoughts on “Review of a Movie that Doesn’t Exist – Music for Muriel

  1. Just when I thought you couldn’t get anymore unique, you have managed to out-unique your genius once again. Bravo Car! (I think I might actually like to see this non-existent movie.)

    • When an alternate dimension opens up where it already is in theaters. I’m working on a device to do such a thing, but people keep telling me that a blender with a alarm clock attached isn’t going to open up any alternate dimensions.

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