Cow Fetuses Need Love Too Music Video

I’ve done it! I finally put my precious country song about the lonely road of a cow fetus collector on YouTube!

I hope this will kick start my country music career. I may be from Northern California, but I’m so country, I have my own continent. So, please enjoy my video and I apologize about my voice. If you keep the volume down enough, it won’t peel the paint on your walls, but it may cause small children and animals to wail uncontrollably.

6 thoughts on “Cow Fetuses Need Love Too Music Video

  1. Awww Car, you did an outstanding job on your heartfelt love ballad to your cow fetuses, it’s a real tear-jerker, Made me smile so hard, my smiles turned into hysterical laughter.

  2. Wow!! Your singing voice is way different from your story-reading voice–COOL

    I like the way I could listen to the song then select your book trailer and Ramblings…

    I don’t remember if you can put videos on an Amazon Author Page but, if you can, all three of them should be there πŸ™‚

    Oh! Who’s “MindAttic”??

    • That’s because my story reading voice is female, since fictional characters like me don’t actually have mouths. But now, the magic of technology has given me a voice of my own.

      And MindAttic is what Rebekah calls herself sometimes. It has something to do with writing crazy humor with characters like me, frightening horror, sweet children’s tales and moving poetry. It’s like her mind is an attic filled with all sorts of odds and ends.

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